Women's and Men's Forest Immersion

An exploration of the archetypes of self, gender, and community in relation to nature

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Women's and Men's Forest Immersion
An exploration of the archetypes of self, gender, and community in relation to nature

The journey to authenticity is a process of exploring and embodying archetypes. In the forest we encounter many images; those that call to us are bridges to our deepest selves. Which archetypes are you born to embody, as an individual and within the context of friendship, coupling, family, and community? How does gender interact with identity on our pathway to wholeness? This immersion is an opportunity to explore these and other questions (defined by the group) in a spacious way.

This immersion is unique because it involves two groups, men and women working separately and lodging in separate houses each with its own full kitchen for preparing individual or communal meals. However, the groups may opt to join for a up to a day of exploration together, through council-format discussions, small group forest explorations, and group-created ceremonies.

Schedule Overview:

Day 1: Arrival and registration 3 - 5 pm. Orientation 7-9 pm

Day 2, and 3: Guided forest therapy walk 9-noon; afternoon session 2:30-5:30.  

Day 4 for women: Morning time on the land, content and activities in the afternoon.

Day 4 for men: An exploration of how our connections with the more-than-human world support our connections with self and other humans. We will form intentions and then begin solo time. Each participant will develop a solo time strategy based on personal vision of what serves.

Day 5 will be a morning medicine walk with incorporation in the afternoon. The two groups may elect to join for discussion, ceremony, celebration, or what serves.

Day 6:  9-11 incorporation council and closing.