Bergün Village

Bergün is a street village and is located 1'373 m above sea level. The houses are lined up on both sides of the village street, the oriel and sgraffito facades are aligned to the street, where pass traffic, commerce and communication take place.

The mountain village is located at the well-known UNESCO RhB Albula-Berninaline, which offers an unforgettable experience with spectacular viaducts and spiral tunnels. Train fans can also find out more about the history of the Rhaetian Railway at the Albula Railway Museum.

Bergün is located amidst Switzerland’s largest regional nature park in the heart of Graubünden. 548 square kilometres of natural fascination: one third of Parc Ela is untouched landscape. One that encompasses peaks like the Piz Lunghin which sends its waters on a voyage to three oceans.

The culture landscape is shaped by historic transportation routes, mighty fortresses and 19 authentic villages that have all retained their very own charm. Three cultures and three languages (German, Rhaeto-Romanic and Italian) meet in this region.