Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest therapy is based on forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, a Japanese practice that has garnered attention for its ability to immerse people into their natural environment. It helps people take a deep breath and rediscover our true essence, to remember our purpose and how we can serve the world. By immersing ourselves in nature and engaging our senses, we can reap the many benefits of forest therapy such as improved immune function, cardiovascular and respiratory health, and reduced stress and depression.

However, these benefits are simply a byproduct of the deeper healing that occurs when we re-establish a connection with the natural world around us. For those experiencing ecological grief, the restoration of this connection can be the first step towards healing.

If you're interested in exploring this practice, we welcome you to join our network of forest therapy guides spanning over 60 countries.

Forest Therapy is a practice that promotes healing and wellness through immersing oneself in the calming and restorative atmosphere of forests and other natural environments. The practice originated from the Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku or "forest bathing" and has been backed by research to provide an array of health benefits. By reminding us that we are interconnected with nature and all living beings, Forest Therapy goes beyond physical benefits and stabilizes our mood and cognition. Learn more about the science behind forest therapy here!

The practice of Forest Therapy is open-ended, with no predetermined outcome, but rather focuses on fostering a reciprocal relationship between the forest and the practitioner. To provide structure, there is a clearly defined sequence of guided events that allows for creativity and serendipity while embracing individual inspiration. Developed under the guidance of M. Amos Clifford, the Association's founder, and other experienced guides, this practice has become widely used worldwide, with over2000 guides trained in over 60 countries. Join our community of Forest Therapy guides to experience the calming and healing benefits of nature.