Exploring the Beauty of Forest Tea

The ANFT approach to forest therapy ends each guided walk with sharing tea and snacks. Tea is often brewed from wild herbs gathered by the guide, who has been trained to do so safely and sustainably. In some seasons and places the guide will bring pre-made tea. Forest tea is one of the hallmarks of the ANFT way of forest therapy. It is a tradition in Japan also, although on forest bathing walks there, tea and snacks are often served in the middle of the walk, instead of at its end.

There is something magical about gathering for tea in the forest. These photos show a diverse array of how guides approach the tea service. Note that each guide's tea set is unique. One of the joys of guiding is collecting your tea set over time. In an emerging tradition, when two guides meet they often give each other a gift of a tea cup. If you see tea sets in these photos where there are different styles of cups, they may have come from meetings among guides.

We encourage you to share your Forest Tea Photos with us and other guides on Social Media by using the hashtag: #ANFTForestTea

We look forward to seeing your unique tea ceremonies. Don't forget, if you participate in a virtual walk, bring some tea along, and choose a cup that will give you joy.