Broughton Sanctuary

Broughton Sanctuary is situated in the very centre of the UK, in the foothills of The Yorkshire Dales, one of the most picturesque parts of the country and about an hour before you enter into the world famous Lake District.

The 3,000-acre Sanctuary allows you to reconnect with nature and reminds us of the intrinsic connection of all things. From the Fire Temple to the Labyrinth, the Woodland Sauna to the Wild Swimming Pond, there are numerous unique opportunities to allow our outer nature to support our inner nature transformation.

Broughton Hall dates back to 1597 and has been in custodianship of the Tempest family who have been established in the area for close on a 1000 years.  The Hall is one of the few exclusive use Historic Houses in the UK and the only one fully dedicated to serving a new way of life.  Historic  formal gardens studded with statues, ponds, parterres and fountains offering a glimpse of 18th century fashion, are set against contemporary architecture making the location a truly unique experience.