Floresta Encantada - Sintra 2024

Sintra, also known as the Moon Hill, is a charming town in the centre of Portugal, 30 minutes away from Lisbon.

It is nestled within the cooling hills of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park where the landscape is dominated by granitic mountains, lush forests and the dramatic coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the most western point of Europe. This unique combination of geological and geographical features and the vegetation gives rise to a microclimate that makes this such a special place. There are many forest trails and parks to delight in.

Sintra, was adopted as a summer place of residence by Kings, noblemen and wealthy members of the bourgeoisie, and still conserves a notable architectural heritage. You will find whimsical palaces, extravagant villas and the ruins of a moorish Castle from the 8th Century.

Due to its harmonious blend with nature, UNESCO classified Sintra as a world Heritage site in the category of cultural landscapes.