Kamp Koren

Eco-Kamp Koren is a place of discovery, adventure, and reconnection with the beautiful world around us. It is the first campsite in Slovenia to be awarded the EU Ecolabel as an environmentally friendly campsite in 2011, and has existed in harmony with its beautiful surroundings ever since. This campsite is devoted to both the environment and the adventurers who live in it, and offers a range of affordable accommodations for those who want to stay by the aquamarine waters of Soča River. It sits atop a canyon formed by the river and offers beautiful views of the rushing river with white gravel banks.

While Eco-Kamp Koren is our most affordable location to attend this training, it certainly doesn’t lack in comfort. There are both campsites and chalets available for rent, and they can easily accommodate anyone with a campervan.