Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary

Settled on 67 acres of land, Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary’s mission is to protect forest and riparian land, support biodiversity, and preserve ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and has been for upwards of 70 years. Covered in deep, dense green plantlife, Mary Lake often inspires a quiet wonder in its visitors. The sanctuary is home to many important and at-risk animals who have been able to find a haven in the wetlands, and it has acted as a wonderful habitat for forest therapy guides to bring people already. We’re very happy to extend the invitation to those who are training to become guides themselves! This May, you can join us as we explore its moss covered bridges, long paths into the the ancient feeling forest, and the tumbling creeks feeding the lake that gives the sanctuary its name.

The nature sanctuary is extremely accessible, both in that the trails are easy-going and perfectly suited to forest therapy, but also in that the sanctuary is only 30 minutes away from Victoria, BC, and has housing, restaurants, and a new city to explore within reach. It offers affordable camping, and an easy way to explore land that seems straight out of a fairytale.