San Damiano Retreat, California

San Damiano is a center of respite not far from the noisy bustle of the city. As a Franciscan Retreat center, San Damiano has served as a place of introspection and connection for all who look for it, no matter people’s faiths or backgrounds. The retreat center has comfortable facilities, a multitude of quiet corners in which to find peace, and fountains spread all throughout its gardens. It sits on around 55 acres of land filled with oaks and bay trees. This venue is settled into hills and has slightly more elevation changes than some of our other destinations, but offers beautiful vistas of the surrounding area.

Things to Note: San Damiano is a place for people seeking a quiet environment. For this reason, cell phone use is only permitted in designated areas and all electronics must be used with headphones. No keys will be given out for bedrooms, but your rooms can be locked from the inside.