Well Being Retreat Center 2024

Well Being Retreat Center is nestled on 160 acres of land boarded by 2 miles of the Powell River in eastern Tennessee. The mission of the Well Being Foundation is to promote harmony with nature, wellness of the body, and peace of mind. This is a place where the sights and sounds of nature prevail and can be explored on a network of gravel roads, trails, or by just meandering on the land. It offers places to be down by the river’s edge, in among a vast diversity of trees and other beings, or up at the top of the hill with views of the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky.

All the buildings are built in a way that is light on the land and blends with the surroundings - cabins are built into the hillsides, some are earth-sheltered, and others were designed around standing trees. The open-air, covered pavilion, where we will gather and share meals, is at the river’s edge. The cabins, a fire pit, a labyrinth, and other facilities are spread out across this hilly landscape. There is a labyrinth up at the top of the property.  You can explore the land along a network of gravel roads, trails, or by wandering on the land.