Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy. Shinrin-yoku. Forest Bathing. The Medicine of Being in the Forest.
Forests are the original antidote to stress and stress-related illness. Our species evolved in forests. We spent the first several million years of our existence in them. Then, a couple of millenia ago—in evolutionary time scale, only yesterday—our adventurous spirits inspired a global exploration. This morning we invented cities. A bit before the noonday break we became industrialized civilizations. Suddenly, while our genes are still living in the forest, our bodies live in the busy, stressful conditions of modern civilization. 

The problem: Stress-related illness, for starters. Add to that separation from nature and the wisdom we learn when we are intimate with nature's ways.  

The solution: Forest therapy, also known as shinrin-yoku and forest bathing. Simply take a slow walk in the woods. Take in your surroundings through your senses. No need to think or analyze, just relax and let your natural sense of enjoyment guide you. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it. We are inspired by the vision of a health care system that incorporates healthful, gentle visits to forests as a core strategy for wellness. We have a global network of over 800 certified forest therapy guides skilled in connecting people with the healing power of forests.