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Forest Bathing International Conference 2019

The first annual Forest Bathing International Conference was a beautiful gathering of forest therapy and forest bathing guides, researchers, and supporters who are passionate about growing awareness of forest therapy, integrating it into health care systems, and bringing forest therapy to communities in need.

Enjoy watching several presentations that were filmed live via Facebook Livestream. You're welcome to like and follow our Forest Bathing International Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay connected about what is happening in this field internationally, and what we have planned for the 2020 conference.

Evaluating invitations: SOS and infinite games.
What are the circle prompts used in Forest Therapy and why do we use them?
What is medicine?
Embodying the way of the guide
How to remember that it's not about the words you say or the things you do, it's about the way participants feel; the importance of allowing for freedom in liminality.
Galvanizing curiosity
How to galvanize curiosity in participants as a gateway to their own self directed exploration of sensory experiences.
Working with tamed world sounds
How to work with sounds coming from the tamed world.
One foot in and one foot out of liminality
How to practice entering and exiting liminality while guiding?

Training Talks