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Amanda Bond

+64 22 070 4086
Certified Guide Since

Amanda is reclaiming her right to be in the world - as a wild soul woman. Always an edge walker, she is happiest wandering in wild places, dipping into urban life when necessary. As a creative inspired by nature, she celebrates the Arts that are most available in cities, and rejoices the trend toward biophilic design currently transforming urban environments.

Whether by the seaside, upon high cliff paths overlooking the ocean, or woodlands and forests bathing in their serenity, playing in rivers, traversing mountain ranges, seeking solitude in deserts, or joining with others in community in grasslands, Amanda is passionate about guiding others to reclaim their inner wildness - their sense of belonging in the world, and to know themselves.

Amanda was trained in somatic trauma-informed bodywork, and has practiced as an Ecotherapist.

In recovery from CFS/ME and CPTSD herself, Amanda is so grateful for the opportunities her journey has, and continues to manifest.

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