Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Christina Willis

Certified Guide Since

A Nature Therapy Walk with your certified shinrin yoku instructor provides an opportunity to slow down, detach from technology, and experience nature in a novel way. The best part is that it doesn’t matter how much time you spend (or don't spend) in nature. Each Walk is professionally customized to the needs of all participants, and all fitness and mobility levels are welcome.

Nature Immersion Walk: If you’re looking for a healing experience or a unique way to connect with family, friends, or coworkers, a guided nature immersion is a great choice! Let me know when, where, and if you require any special accommodations. Please allow a two-week advance window for reserving your private experience. However, sometimes depending on the situation, there is flexibility with the timing.

Kids' Fun with Nature: Exploring, crafting, playing and more... Are you looking for a unique experience to celebrate your young ones' birthday or other special event? An adventure with nature activities can be personalized for kids based on their age and activity level.

Fitness Hike: Are you ready to breathe in fresh air, build your immune system,and tone your muscles or burn calories? A Fitness Hike may be just for you. Getting fit outdoors combines the healing power of nature with the healing power you have inside you. Let's get going together!

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