Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Dra Anissa V Hernández

Certified Guide Since

"It has been almost 16 years with an active medical practice in psychiatry. With time and observation, I realized how interaction and immersion on Nature helps people recover in a dramatic way." Anissa V. Hernández, M.D., Psychiatrist

Dr. Anissa V. Hernández graduated from UPR School of Medicine in 1998. She completed her Residency Program in Psychiatry in 2004. Dr. Hernández worked for the most prominent psychiatric hospitals in Puerto Rico, including First Hospital Panamericano and Sistema San Juan Capestrano. Being curious about human nature and observing conventional therapies were not satisfying completely the needs of her patients, she started studying a holistic approach to integrate it into her practice. She is a Master in Reiki healing since 2008 and giving sessions in her private practice. Also applies mindfulness, sound therapy, and aromatherapy with conventional therapies. Currently, she provides walks in forests and beaches to individuals, groups, and companies.

Also looking forward in the future to combine forest therapy walks with other activities such as yoga and paddle boarding.

Centro Holístico Bienestar Salud Mental, CSP