Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Hana Lee Goldin

Certified Guide Since

Hana Lee Goldin is a certified forest therapy guide who celebrates and facilitates the restorative benefits of time shared with nature. She leads forest bathing walks that provide space for your relationship with nature and self to grow, and introduces you to some beautiful places along the way.

The Sacred Wilds speaks not only to the incredible landscapes that provide sustenance for the soul, but to the untamed light within our own selves. It's an opportunity to awaken to your intuition and the deepest parts of your self to enhance your wellbeing and reclaim your purpose. It's a practice of radical simplicity that is so much more than a walk in the woods. It's an experience of effortless relaxation that reinvigorates your health and nourishes your spirit.

It's time that you reconnect with nature.

Restore your health, wellness, and wellbeing by walking the nature path.

The Sacred Wilds