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Jess Gregan founded Wild Philadelphia in 2019. She received her Forest Therapy training through the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy, Cohort 34.

In her prior work as a chamber of commerce director, Jess worked extensively with local entrepreneurs, Fortune 50 corporations and a variety of nonprofits. She noticed the accomplished professionals she worked with all had something in common – they couldn’t slow down. When asked how things were going, “busy” was the correct answer. The more you put on your plate, the more worthy and successful you could seem. She felt herself falling into this trap too, and decided to make a radical shift in her career trajectory.

Jess’s mission in starting an urban forest therapy practice is to help busy folks from all backgrounds to heal their relationships with time, with the environment, and with themselves. Her approach to Forest Therapy helps individuals cultivate greater self awareness, deeper listening skills, empathy, and an understanding that we are all part of the same ecosystem.

Jess views Forest Therapy as a mechanism for broad social change that will help repair the connection between human beings and the natural world they are a part of. Forest therapy helps people to fall in love with nature – and when you love something, you want to protect it. Her deep commitment to protecting our environment and planet is why Wild Philadelphia donates a portion of all profits back to environmental and conservation organizations in our region.

Proud to be a Woman & LGBTQ Owned business. Wild Philadelphia’s core values are: Reciprocity, Empathy, Creativity, Flexibility, and Trust.

These values inform every area of our guiding, and our business practice. Our vision is to become Philadelphia’s number one ecotherapy firm, providing forest therapy to diverse populations across the region. We know our brand of Forest Therapy will become a vital element of corporate wellness programs and integrative medicine practices in the years to come. The forest therapy movement is just beginning. Thanks for supporting us on this journey.

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