Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Kathy Holcomb

Certified Guide Since

Kathy Holcomb moved from Washington State to Alaska thirty years ago. From the day she arrived she knew she had found home. Her days since have been spent gathering wild berries and plants and harvesting fish and seafood. With an AAS in Fisheries, Kathy is a protector of the waters. Water and rain is an important part of life in her home in Alaska where rainfall averages 13 feet a year. By day she helps the City of Ketchikan keep its water healthy as the city's lab analyst and by night she teaches Okinawan Karate and Matayoshi Kobudo. Kathy has multiple black belts and is a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. She has experience in the woods living close to the land, sea, and nature. Kathy has a deep connection to nature. Through her forest therapy guiding practice Kathy offers her vast experience so others can feel that connection too.

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