Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Kelly Daniels

Certified Guide Since

Kelly Daniels practices her forest therapy in her private forest gardens called the Blue River Forest Experience where she facilitates a multitude of nature connection programs, children’s camps and adult therapy programs. The property includes projects with Permaculture KC and their new medicinal healing gardens along the Shinrin-Yoku Nature and Forest Therapy KC forest therapy walks. Kelly facilitated wild edible and medicinal plant walks and has apprenticed with world renowned medicine women. Her land is located on the edge of the Blue River Forest Valley at the headwaters of the Blue River. When people come to the land they feel the special calm and sacredness of the valley that was previously known as the Blackbob reservation where the Shawnee Blackbob Chief resided. He chose this place to live because where 2 rivers come together to form begin the blue river was considered sacred and a good place to pray, She believes passionately that the land is a blessing to share and a place to help people heal.

Blue River Forest Experience