Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Ken Ouendag

Certified Guide Since

Ken Ouendag invites people to explore new ways of connecting with nature, while opening the door to the healing properties of forests and other natural environments.

He completed training with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy guides in 2017 to become Vancouver's first Certified Forest Therapy Guide. He founded Nature Connected Forest Therapy Walks in 2017, offering public and private walks, retreats, and corporate programs that are inspired by the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku (also known as forest bathing). Originally from Winnipeg, Ken was drawn to the West Coast by its lush forests and calming scenery. Since moving to British Columbia in 2009, he has undergone numerous outdoor educator and guiding courses. In addition to guiding walks in the forest, he offers recreation therapy programming to older adults living in long-term care, as well as mentors guides-in-training with the ANFT.

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