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Kim Verigin

Certified Guide Since

Ya Doma Nature Therapy

Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada

Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy gives you the freedom to experience your inner and outer world like you never have before. It is an opportunity for you to slow down and be guided to a state where you are quiet enough to hear the language of your heart. Nature is the perfect backdrop for quietening the mind and tuning inward to hear your truth, to see a path, to find a new perspective, to decompress, to come to a revelation, or any other myriad of amazing fortuities. Whether you are ready to transform your life or you want to experience the beautiful forests of Harrison Hot Springs, BC and area, then give Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy a try.

Ya Doma, which translates to, ‘I am home’ in Russian, invites you to come back home; come back to who you are. Who are you? We are able to connect instantaneously thanks to the amazing wonders of technology. However, the connection that we long for the most, is the one with ourselves. We seek out our inner compass to walk the path of clarity. When we become in alignment, we find our greatest connection. There is so much outside noise, distractions and pressures that are steering us away from our authenticity. It is within our internal world that we find our solutions. Sometimes, going inward is difficult or uncomfortable. It may be too painful to even consider the thought of sitting alone with our own self. Sometimes, we need others to share in our journey. Sometimes, we need assistance getting started. Sometimes, we need guidance along the way. That is where Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy comes in. Through my own continuous transformation through Forest Therapy, I am very excited to offer you the opportunity to experience Forest Therapy and what it may bring to you. Let me be your guide.

I am a professional with a BA in Geography, BEd, BCIT Diploma in Forestry, Forest School Certificate, and most recently am a fully certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT). I have experience working in BC and Alberta forests. I spearheaded to help evolve an elementary school into an Outdoor school by creating an official outdoor learning classroom. I have extensive experience facilitating and teaching school aged children in the forest meeting BC curriculum. I have created and facilitated presentations and professional development courses to promote nature as an essential component in our lives and our children's lives. Through my training with ANFT, I personally have been transforming, feeling the healing energies the forest brings when we are open and ready to receive.

I am not a therapist, that is nature's job. I am the Guide. I open the doors for you to receive what you need from the forest. Ya Doma Nature and Forest Therapy invites you to look deep within nature to find your truth, find your answers, find serenity, to just live in the now. The forest is your mirror! Ya Doma opens the doors for you to find and listen to what you need. Ya Doma is the guide; the forest is the therapist!


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