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Linda Lombardo

Certified Guide Since

I'm a certified forest therapy guide through the Association of ​Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs ​and a certified Master Naturalist through Quality Parks here on Long Island, NY. ​I am honored to have been the first certified Forest Therapy guide on Long Island, NY and the official Forest Therapy Guide for organizations like TENWOMENSTRONG, Full Span Leadership and Grace Chasers. A forest experience is a great add-on for workshops and retreats!

I lead public walks for adults, individual private walks and group walks. I also lead coaching walks, as a certified life coach for over 18 years. Schools are able to schedule walks through a NYS grant program called Connect Kids to Parks. Walks are held at Bayard Cutting Arboretum on Long Island. I've even led birthday walks for families and I'm happy to design something based on your needs.

This is my activism: to open doors in service of a deeper connection with the more-than-Human world; ​making Nature personal because ​we act on what's personal to us ​and now is always a good time to act.​

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