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Marianne Rowe

(831) 373-1017
Certified Guide Since

Marianne Rowe leads public and customized Forest Bathing Walks around the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Founding Teacher of Monterey Bay Meditation Studio.

She is also a creator and facilitator of the "Waking Up in the Wild" and "Awakening to Interbeing" retreat series, along with the online program, "Being Outdoors: Sensing the Sacred," offered through Monterey Bay Meditation Studio.

In addition to Forest Bathing walks, Marianne facilitates deep connection with the natural world through meditation practices with and in the ocean. She has developed a practice called "Sittin'-in-the-Waves," that cultivates access to deep stillness in the midst of constantly changing internal and external conditions.

Marianne is the author of Drops: Sensuous Moments of Forest Bathing (available at

Monterey Bay Meditation Studio; b) private practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist; c) Mindful Education Project