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Megan-Mack Nicholson

Certified Guide Since

"Holon" means everything is a whole withing a whole. Holon Healing stands for tending to the holons that make up who we are, in order to heal the greater wholes in our lives. I hope to focus mostly on Forest Therapy, however I also do wilderness therapy with troubled teens, guide nature immersions for women and lead recreational expeditions.

I have over 20 years of guiding, mentoring, teaching, facilitation and a M.S. is Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education. I am a certified Maine guide and Reiki practitioner and run an Eco-retreat center with my partner.

I have a passion for the outdoors, it's healing/balancing/inspiring capabilities and personal growth... especially when submersed in nature.

I have had a calling for Forest Therapy guiding ever since I was child, yet never knew what it was until recently. I am so thankful to have found this path.



Holon Healing