Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Michele Burton

Certified Guide Since

I have special memories with nature from my childhood.From time spent in the forest and time spent at the ocean. I was an avid hiker until I was bitten by a tick and became very sick and my body pain ridden. Through this if I could make it to the trail and walk slow, I would feel better. The Forest heals. I became the sweep on guided hikes and learned to love the slowing down as I walked. So much to be aware of. I read Amos Cliffords book on Forest Bathing and felt like it was made for me. I went to a weeks immersion with Nature and Forest Therapy to learn to be a guide. Followed by 6 months of intense practicum training. To lead others on Forest Bathing walks is a real “arrow to my heart”, not because I am leading, but to share this passion so that others may become comfortable with the “other than human world” and form a partnership with all the Forest can give us, and we too give back. In Nature and Forest Therapy I am the guide and the Forest is the Therapist. I am amazed at how much I learn each time I guide and my connection to the Forest and the more than human world touches me deeply