Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Niel Halbig

(416) 859-7833
Certified Guide Since

Niel A. Halbig completed training with the ANFT in 2020 and became accredited as a Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide. He offers public and private walks and retreats that are inspired by the Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku (also known as “forest bathing”). His guided walks invite people to explore ways of connecting with nature, while opening the door to the healing properties of natural environments.

Niel’s vision as a Forest Therapy Guide is to “inspire and hold space for fellow kind to help them find their medicine through deepening their relationship with nature and connection with the forest. By carrying out this vision at every opportunity, the quality of our environment and communities will improve, resulting in benefit for all.”

Special interests in wilderness camping, canoeing, hiking, fly fishing, cross country skiing and mountain biking. He is an avid reader with interests in natural geography, social media and personal development.

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