Nature and Forest Therapy Guides

Patrick Bavin

Certified Guide Since

I have grown up in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, were I have operated 10 small businesses involving Outdoor sports, Art and Wellness. I have a background in Community and Regional Planning, Bioregional Planning, Feng Shui and practices of Earth Geomancy, plus 30+ years of Glass Blowing and 20 years as an Acrylic painter. I reside in the small mountain community of Invermere and offer certified guided walks that include Art creativity workshops, Wellness and Yoga partnering, and Kids Forest Play. I look forward to offer my training to engage people from all walks and ages of life to see, smell, hear, taste and touch the benefits of Shinrin Yoku, known as Forest Bathing. I'm also a Certified Trail Consultant so if you are looking to enhance you image and marketing profile plus build your Wellness sector of your operation or community, please contact me.