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Sharon Lohse, RN, MSN, MBE, FT

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I am a Masters prepared psychiatric nurse with a certificate in horticultural therapy, mindfulness and a certificate in Forest Therapy. My love of plants, trees, flowers and people are the basis of my business "Mindful in Nature".

What do you see on a walk in the woods? How do you feel when you are outside in nature? Do you find yourself taking deeper breaths and finding a feeling of calm? Being mindful in nature is that exact experience of being present, awake and peaceful amidst the quiet rhythm of nature.

​Guided healing walks in the forest teach people the power of mindfulness in nature. Listening to the birds, taking the time to observe the hidden beauty that is all around us is a skill that can be taught and re-created in people's lives in order to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and create a safe, calm space.

Individual and group sessions are available.

​Sessions can be customized to individuals or groups.

Mindful in Nature, Inc.