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Taimi Post

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The focus of Forest Therapy is to support and improve the well-being of the participants through guided experiences in the forest or other natural settings. As a Forest Therapy Guide, I lead you on a quiet walk and invite you to pause and take notice of your surroundings through a series of invitations. Each invitation is part of a sequence that is designed, by the Association of Forest and Nature Therapy, to help you connect with nature in a meaningful, healing way.

Each guided walk is slow-paced and covers 1 kilometer or less. A walk is typically 2 hours in length, but this may vary. Check the event posting to verify. I tailor the walks according to the location and the needs of the participants. The walks are highly accessible and considerate of a wide range of fitness abilities and conditions. You will be walking and sitting with Nature.

As your guide, I start our walk by helping us connect to the present moment, embrace the here and now and awaken our senses. Smell, hearing, sight, taste, touch. We will then begin our wandering by foot. You will be given a sequence of invitations and be encouraged to generously give your attention to the forest so that you can relax and experience the healing ways of Nature. With each invitation, only do what feels comfortable for you. Our walk ends with a cup of wildcrafted tea made from local plants.

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