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Travis Norman

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Before ever hearing the term Shinrin-Yoku, before discovering research detailing the substantial health benefits of Mindfulness in Nature, before the decision was made to dedicate his professional energies to helping others experience these benefits, there were simply … walks in the woods. Walks of celebration during moments of personal victory, walks of consolation during times of loss, walks of introspection in times of uncertainty … setting and circumstance ever changing while the ritual remained constant. The physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium gained from this practice soon became essential tools in Travis’ ongoing quest to live life with intent and focus, while layering a keen appreciation for the Natural world into the very essence of his identity and perspective. Walking through the woods at a slow pace while allowing mind and body the time to just be … this habit provided welcome balance as his career path unfolded to become increasingly interwoven with technology as a web designer and electronic musician. Fast forwarding to the present day finds Travis in awe of the degree to which his early intuitions on the value of time spent in this manner are being confirmed by science and embraced by more and more of the world’s population. Firmly believing in the interconnectedness of all life, he is curious and excited to witness how the practice of forest bathing will resonate outward and what effects it will generate in the people who experience it.

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