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The professional Member Network Calls are a way to connect and tap into the wisdom and experience of certified Forest Therapy Guide.

2023 we are offering Panel Discussion Calls on different topics, where certified guides will share about their experiences, their highlights and also the challenges they have faced bringing Forest Therapy into their specific fields.

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Heart-Centered Marketing and How to Price Your Walks
August 26th at 8:30am Pacific Time

with Donna Mansbart, Nadine Mazzola & Jackie Kuang

Donna Mansbart

Donna Mansbart, a self-employed cosmetologist for 43 years, has used many different marketing techniques to successfully run her business.  As marketing strategies changed in the industry Donna had to adjust and adapt to find out what works and what doesn't. This can be very costly, time consuming and frustrating. Donna will share her knowledge of what works and what doesn't work today.  Understanding as a new business that sometimes start-up capital can be tight, so we will take a look at free things that are available and free marketing techniques that you can use today and build on that. Old School vs Technology. What backpack fits you best? Let's unpack them both.

Nadine Mazzola

Nadine wrote the award-winning book “Forest Bathing with Your Dog”. She is a Senior Trainer and Advisor for the ANFT and based in Acton, Massachusetts, in the Northeastern US. Nadine has been training and mentoring guides since 2016 and was part of the ANFT Leadership Team, serving as the Director of Practicum from 2017-2020. Nadine has had her own successful guiding practice business as an ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide since 2015, New England Nature and Forest Therapy Consulting, and she teaches other guides about developing their guiding practice businesses. Being a breast cancer survivor is one of the things that introduced Nadine to forest therapy and guiding. She has been featured on PBS Windows to the Wild, ABC’s Chronicle, and in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine among others. Nadine is trained in Forest Therapy, Somatics and Embodied Leadership, Way of Council, Non Violent Communication, Life Coaching, and has a background in entrepreneurial business and marketing.

Jackie Kuang

Jackie is a trainer and business manager with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. She’s a certified forest therapy guide trained in 2017 at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and has been guiding regularly in her communities ever since. She’s one of the first guides to pioneer guiding walks remotely via Zoom when the pandemic made guiding in-person unsafe for many months in 2020. Born and raised in China, Jackie came to the United States in 1990 to pursue her PhD in American Literature. She has had a diverse background in various fields such as teaching, translating, marketing, and practicing as a Certified Public Accountant. One of her greatest joys in guiding and training guides is witnessing the transformative impact on participants’ well-being on so many levels. She has co-led over 10 guide trainings worldwide as of 2022 and created a professional development course called Guiding Business Success for trained guides.

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