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Update for ANFT Member Guides
We're steadily working to roll out a new membership system.

If you have been a member in the past you can log in now. You will have to update your password. Just click on the Log In button in the Guide Portal menu and then the "Reset Password" link for instructions.

If you want to join as a new member click on the "Register" button. This is for people who are trained as guides, or are currently in training, with ANFT. At this time we are not accepting memberships from individuals trained by other companies.

After you have registered and logged in you will have the opportunity to update your profile.

There will be only two levels of membership going forward (instead of five). If you have been a paid member in the past you will have the opportunity to become a paid member again by signing up for one of the paid plans. If you paid a full membership fee in the past you can opt to sign up for only one dollar. This will get your payment information into the new system, and when you are ready you can increase your contribution.

We will be adding features at a steady pace over the coming months. Check back frequently to see what has changed.

Thank you for your patience as we bring you this new system. The charts below show what to expect when this is fully implemented.

Comparison of Features, Free vs. Paid Memberships