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The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs has created this members only website to support your forest therapy guiding practice and business. These resources are offered as both an expression of gratitude to you for embarking on this journey with us to connect people with nature, themselves, and the more than human world and as a means for us all to remain connected in community.

We invite you to share what you notice or don't notice. Please inform us how we can make this website best support you by emailing

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New Find a Guide Search Feature

On the Find a Guide page people can search for guides by badges and labels - 50, 100, 150 Walk Leaders, Virtual Walk Guide, Trainer, Mentor, Trail Certification Consultant. If you are guiding virtual walks, complete the form to add your walk to the ANFT website and add the information to your membership profile for the public to view.
Apr 18, 2020

Community Tending Zoom Calls

As a measure of tending to our community, ANFT is planning to host 2-4 Zoom calls per month, facilitated by trainers and mentors, that are open to any guides who wish to join. It isn't really about Forest Therapy, it's more about tending community, listening, and offering emotional support. In a time of social distancing, it's easy to succumb to feelings of isolation, apathy and numbness, and we hope that this humble offering may help alleviate these feelings.
Mar 29, 2020

Submit your Virtual Forest Therapy Walks

Share your virtual forest therapy walks with the public on the new ANFT Virtual Forest Therapy Walk page by submitting your walks using this form. We're also sharing this information via social media.
Mar 27, 2020


Health & Nature Program Partnership Toolkit


New Find a Guide Search function