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ANFT strongly encourages mentees to do everything possible to stay on track and finish the practicum within six-months in a way that works best for them. We also recognize that sometimes life situations occur, and more time is needed. Because of this, ANFT does offer extensions for the practicum. We encourage mentees to wait until the last month of their practicum to determine if they will need an extension. Often things come together in the final months and an extension is not needed.

If mentees are unable to complete your practicum within the six-month timeframe, they should communicate this to their mentor, letting them know that additional time is required.

Standard extension

WFA extensions:

In order to process a certification, mentees are responsible for submitting all the necessary paperwork & updating their assignment tracker.

Should you have questions, please contact your mentor or the Practicum Coordinator, Pam Andruskiewicz, at

New Policy as of January 1, 2020