Nature and Forest Therapy Guides



Forest Therapy Practice
A brief introduction to Forest Therapy, a gentle practice of mindful awareness and connection to nature that promotes wellness.
What is forest therapy? - an inspirational video about forest therapy and the healing powers of nature.
Lissa Kennedy of Wasatch Forest Therapy reflects on her experience completing the six-month practicum portion of the training to become a Certified Forest Therapy Guide
A short video about sitspot, which can become a transformational part of your daily life. Sitspot is an integral part of forest bathing or forest therapy and is a great way to reconnect with nature.
Amos Clifford demonstrates how to prepare tea gathered from plants foraged along the trail for tea ceremony, a time of conversation, debriefing the walk, and enjoying each other's company. Snacks or a light lunch can also be included.
A video about our journey as forest therapy guides from our first encounter with forest therapy to the ways it has changed our lives.
This video is an experience of one of the most common invitations given during guided Forest Therapy walks. Simply relax while noticing what is in motion in the forest. No effort is needed. Notice how you feel after watching. Try coming back one time per day for a week and see if you notice any beneficial effects of simply viewing nature scenes.
We ventured out to Tujunga to take a walk and learn about Shinrin Yoku forest therapy. Follow our host Ben Page and Lore Co. Creative Director Sally Choi as they traverse the forest and mellow out in nature.
This shows a way to build a mandala on a round table for the center of a council or other circle meeting. The beauty way tradition of creating a lovely space supports an experience that invites everyone to listen and speak from the heart.
A sweet surprise on our walk through Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California
This snake is about 4.5 feet long. Filmed in the Owens Valley near Big Pine.
El Baño de bosque, conocido con el término Shinrin Yoku en la cultura japonesa, es una plácida práctica meditativa que nos conecta con la naturaleza y su enorme potencial sanador.
A podcast interview by Dr. Helayne Waldman with Amos Clifford. Topics include theory, research, and practice of forest therapy.
This is a portion of an October 2015 documentary on Forest Therapy in Japan, Korea, and the United States. The documentary was made by Korean Broadcasting System. The narration is in Korean language, with Korean subtitles over comments made in English language by U.S.-based guides and participants.
An interview with ANFT Founder Amos Clifford conducted by Ariana Candell MFT September 2018
I was fortunate enough to lead John Dickerson of CBS This Morning on a forest bathing walk, which aired June 8, 2018! CBS broadcast
David Gessner meets with Amos Clifford to learn about forest bathing, a relatively new practice in which all of your senses are immersed in nature.