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Trail Certification Application & Payment

Please complete the Trail Certification Application found below once you have read the process of trail certification and understand the costs involved in trail certification.Submitting an Application does not commit you to any payment or the certification process. Upon receipt of yourApplication, we will contact you to learn more about your trail, land,programming, and to review the certification process. Once we have approvedyour application, then you will be connected with an ANFT Trail CertificationConsultant who will guide you through the certification process. Consultantsre ANFT-Certified Forest Therapy Guides who have additional training in trail assessment and certification. 

When you meet with an ANFT Trail Certification Certifier/Consultant, they will request a signed Memorandum of Understanding between the land manager and ANFT regarding the benefits and responsibilities of trail certification. This is a standard MOU template provided by ANFT. Land managers are also required to sign an agreement with the ANFT Trail Certifier/Consultant detailing the benefits, responsibilities, and fees for contracting the consultant’s services.


• $500 USD to ANFT before proceeding to Phase 1
• $500 USD to ANFT during Phase 3 to finalize trail certification
• Trail Consultant fees will vary, but will be established in the MOU between the land manager and consultant
• Trail modification costs, signage, marketing materials (site dependent)
• $300 USD Biennial (every 2 years) Recertification paid to ANFT, plus Trail Certification Consultant fees (est.$200) for a trail review and assessment.

For more information about ANFT Forest Therapy Trail Certification, please contact Tamberly Conway, Director, ANFT Forest Therapy Trail Certification Program at or 337-304-5872