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The ANFT Way of Forest Therapy

Your journey to becoming a forest therapy guide will begin soon. We look forward to meeting you and guiding you through the evolution of becoming a certified forest therapy guide. In preparation for your training, here are some resources that can support your journey and forms at the end to complete and bring with you to your training.

ANFT has developed a specific approach to forest therapy that is widely emulated around the world. As of the end of 2019, we have trained over 790 guides who are working in 48 different countries on six continents. In every cultural context, the ANFT framework for forest therapy is providing the right combination of foundational structure and open-ended creativity for the practice to take root.Guides learn the ANFT framework and the theory, philosophy, and skills to teach the practice effectively. Just as importantly, they learn a core set of principles and values. A few of these are:

Besides being a deeply healing practice, Forest Therapy is also an emerging community of friends and activists who are making a global impact. As we learn to love the forests, we become more engaged in working for their well-being. We're grateful you are joining us!

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Books by Forest Therapy Guides

These are books written by Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. The books are not linked, but all of them are available with the popular online booksellers and some are available at local bookstores or nature centers that offer forest therapy.