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Recommended Advance Reading
Your Guide to Forest Bathing
by ANFT founder M. Amos Clifford. This book introduces many of the concepts you will learn at the training. We encourage all trainees to read it prior to the training. When you are a Forest Therapy Guide, you may find it helpful to recommend this book to help those you are guiding develop a solid practice.  

John Muir once said “between every two pine trees is a doorway leading to a new way of life.” Now Amos Clifford has given us a beautiful and inspiring guide inviting us to seek out the trees and let the healing happen, both for us and for our beleaguered ecosystems. Grab this book and head outside.  — Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix

“Mature forests produce an enigma to modern medicine: an airborne biochemical nectar, the essence of the trees. To walk in this sea of chemistry, and take it in through your senses, is called forest bathing. The healing is immediate. For most people, the synergy sweeps the body, mind and soul back into a holistic unit. Even as a child, Amos Clifford carried this wisdom in his heart. Let the wisdom in his book permeate yours.” –Diana Beresford-Kroeger, author of The Global Forest

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