What is Trail Certification?

Trail certification is a process by which trained Trail Certification Consultants collaborate with land managers to certify trails appropriate for forest bathing. When the process is complete, certified trails are displayed on our Certified Trails page.

What is a Trail Certification Consultant?

A Trail Certification Consultant (TCC) is a Level 3 ANFT Certified Guide who has guided over 20 forest therapy walks and has received training to represent ANFT in the process of certifying forest therapy trails. ANFT provides the tools and the process for certifying a trail, and your Trail Certification Coordinator offers guidance and support throughout the process.

How much does the additional training cost?

There is a one-time fee of $300 USD. Trail Certification Consultants will be trained in a video call, receive all forms and templates required for trail certification, and have on-going support throughout the process. Upon completion of the training call, consultants will receive a Trail Certification Consultant logo that they can add to their website, business card or other marketing materials. This logo will also be added to your member business card.

What are the benefits of being a Trail Certification Consultant?

Being a Trail Certification Consultant offers another source of revenue and a new way to connect with land owners. For guided trails, this is an opportunity to negotiate a contract for forest therapy guiding services. So not only do you get paid for certifying the trail, but also for guiding walks throughout the year.

Consultants determine their own fees based on each trails and trail owners needs. Self-guided trails require more work then guided trails, and if trail owners request assistance with marketing materials, that's another opportunity to offer paid services. Each trail will typically require between 15 and 25 hours of labor. Charging $750 USD for certification services is a good baseline.

More information about the Trail Certification Process can be found here.

Schedule of Training Dates & Times

Once you complete your application and pay your fee, you will receive an email confirmation that includes available video call training dates and times. Video calls are scheduled for the 15th and 30th of each month (or the following weekday if those dates are weekends) at 9:00 am PST and 5:00 pm PST. A minimum of two people are required for a training call to occur.

If you are in another country and these times do not work for your time zone, send an email with a time that works better for you. At least two people are required to attend a Zoom training.